Gold Fever



Gold Fever is a challenging free-to-play survival MMO developed by DeFi Mechanics Lab. This action-packed game is built upon the blockchain technology allowing the acquisition and trading of NFTs, in-game currencies, and a dynamic player-influenced economy.
Gold Fever hosts an enormous playable area that is covered by dense and dangerous jungles, tall mountains and, rivers filled with gold. Players can craft tools for survival and combat, forage for plants and herbs, and compete with other players for dominance in the search for gold.

Game Characteristics


It is the second decade of the 20th century. The world is still reeling from its previous global conflict. Maps have been redrawn, riches have been reallocated and colonies have changed hands. And after all of that, there is still so much to explore.
Far across the oceans, there is an island that hides a dangerous secret. Rumors speak of an untapped source of gold and precious minerals. This has lured various brave Adventurers to the Island to try their luck at seizing fame and fortune. As if battling hunger, fatigue, the elements, and the hostile fauna of the Island wasn't enough, the Tribal natives relentlessly defend their homes and holy golden remnants of their ancestral gods.
The danger is ever-present on the island whether battling human enemies or being hunted by predators. Surrounded by the never-ending ocean, no one can escape the siren call of the Gold Fever.

Based on Realism

Gold Fever strives to depict a realistic world in a time frame around the second decade of the 20th century. This is an important perk, given that many things in the game will be immediately familiar to the players such as realistic fall damage, how much a character can hold its breath underwater, and the type of materials it takes to build a bow. This will come naturally to the player, cutting down the time it would take to learn the game which will allow more time to enjoy and explore it. All of this helps immerse the player into the world, enriching the experience even more.

Part of a Blockchain

With crypto-currencies taking the world by storm, one cannot deny their ever-growing presence. Gold Fever looks to the future and invests in this by being a part of the well-established Ethereum/Polygons blockchains, offering safety during transactions, immutability, transparency and decentralization. Having this system built into the game enables Gold Fever to be ahead of other games and provides a smooth trading experience.

Free Economy / Decentralization

One of the many unique features of Gold Fever is the way its economy is structured. The players have the power over how things are shaping economy-wise. The supply and demand of the world economy will rise and fall according to the actions of the players. To improve on this further, Gold Fever even has a specific currency - a JBR designed to promote great sportsmanship and give players even more power when it comes to shaping the economy of the game.

Playable Factions and Classes

The conflict that emerges from acquiring gold sets the game's two factions: the Adventurers and Tribals against each other. The factions are asymmetric, and each side has several character classes for players to choose from. From here on out, players can additionally personalize by obtaining a subclass set for their character.

Key Features

Gold Fever is all about obtaining gold. This is done in “mining claims” - PVP arenas where players go up against each other to fight for the highly sought-after gold. Most activities in the game complement this. Whether it's harvesting, hunting, crafting, completing work orders, or exploring the jungles, the search for gold is bloody and never-ending. Get the best gear possible and use your skills wisely! Only the most resourceful challengers will prevail.

NFT Items

Gold Fever hosts a large variety of NFT items in the form of weapons, transportation, tools, companions, production buildings, and more. NFT items greatly enhance the player experience and in-game capabilities and will be highly sought after by dedicated players, but they have a limited quantity.
To learn more about the NFT standard click Currencies and Assets.
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Production Buildings

A major pillar in the economic structure and also one of the most expensive NFTs. Adventurer buildings in Gold Fever are a unique, limited-edition acquisition. In addition to that, their primary goal is to be utilized as an earning asset. Ranging from places where your character can have fun and drink their sorrows away, to places where you can buy anything from food to weapons. This in-game infrastructure is distinctive in its approach to a player-influenced economy and offers gameplay only a select few will experience.
To learn more about buildings click Commercial Infrastructure.

Survival Crafting

Players that are short on time or resources can utilize their crafting skills outside of the safety of the bases. This type of crafting can be done in the open, with components found in the open world. Giving players the option to produce items on the move is essential for surviving the dangers of the Island. Survival Crafting is an excellent skill to master for those characters that are always on the move and use their inventory items to their fullest potential.
To learn more about crafting click Crafting Items.

Non-NFT Items

Gold Fever holds an abundance of non-NFT items, such as consumables, weapons, tools, and various crafting components. These items are not in limited supply, and as a base factor for the economy, they will be in constant demand. This gives the game of Gold Fever a new dimension in item and resource management and adds diversity and richness to the gaming experience.
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