Gold Fever

Speculation Trading


One of the main unique attributes of Gold Fever is its dynamic player-influenced economy. NFTs are in limited supply and their value will be dictated by players. Players will buy and trade their NFTs in hopes of gaining the best deal available. Trading will be key to the daily growth and health of the in-game economy of Gold Fever.

Speculation NFT Trading

As said before, NFTs will be in limited supply and their value will shift based on availability and demand. Players will need to follow the market closely, and trade accordingly to maximize their trade value. Different strategies can be implemented, for example, players can buy cheap NFT items quickly and wait for the price to rise as supply decreases and demand increases and then sell those items. Some players might follow the need for weapons and barter for a better class of gear in return. These are a few ways that players can plan out and pave their way to accruing large amounts of resources by participating in the in-game economy of Gold Fever.

Area Specific Speculation Trading

The map in Gold Fever will be divided into regions, which will be their own self-contained areas with their own supply and demand. Some areas will be rich in resources and some will have the benefit of having a base with production or service buildings.
Players following which area needs something in the way of resources or services required will be essential to know where to focus their attention. An area might have a Blacksmith but there are no materials left for the production of iron axes. A player might look for another blacksmith, but a smart player will gather and stockpile the necessary resources and sell them at a premium. All of this and more is possible and is limited only by the players' creativity and resourcefulness.