Gold Fever



Conflict resolution in Gold Fever between the two factions comes in the form of bloody combat, either in the open world or in the mining claim arenas. The technological difference between the two factions dictates a different combat style for each faction, where tribals rely on more traditional and primitive forms of weapons while the adventurers come with an impressive arsenal of firearms. However, success in combat is more than just the smart choice of weapon!

Use every advantage

A player wishing to survive in this world will need to know the terrain well, use their environment for cover or always have an exit strategy. The island is a harsh and hostile place and so one must navigate carefully through the world to avoid both enemy attacks and environmental hazards, as receiving damage that depletes the health bar causes the character to pass out and wake up at the nearest hospital.

When the worst happens...

However if a character passes out and the enemy continues attacking and mutilates the character before they can get carried to a hospital, the character suffers permanent damage. Each time the character gets permanently damaged, they are less efficient at performing tasks due to their physical wounds. Once a character is wounded many times and a final fatal blow is dealt, a character can die permanently without a chance of recovery.
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The Adventurers faction relies heavily on firearms and warfare knowledge brought from the other continents. These firearms often have a superior range, as the Adventurers prefer to keep the enemy at a distance, such as shotguns, bolt-action rifles, or even more classical weapons like bows and throwing knives.


Extracting gold from the rivers places the Adventurers in the open riverbeds, where the range and accuracy of the adventurers' weapons will be the greatest advantage. However one must always be careful when handling these firearms as they take quite a lot of effort to maintain and be kept in shape, and if one is not cautious they might end up with a crude axe between their brows.

A tool for every occasion

Adventurers are also equipped with many melee weapons at their disposal, such as knives, kukris, and spears, which makes them quite skilled at close-range encounters as well. If all else fails, adventurers can use some of their tools as weapons such as paddles, instruments, and torches.


In contrast, the Tribals faction prefers guerilla tactics. Setting up camouflaged ambushes, using stealth and intelligently placed traps to cover the distance and fight the enemy at a closer range. Tribals are well known for their speed, be it while navigating the jungle or simply suddenly attacking an unsuspecting adventurer with a barrage of quick swings with crude, yet sharp, weapons such as axes, knives , and spears.
However, close combat is not the only advantage that the tribals possess due to their well-honed skill in using bows to hunt down enemies at a distance, making them indeed a fearful enemy to meet, especially at night.

Weapon Types

Melee Weapon Types

Weapon Types
Key Advantages
Key Disadvantages
Variety of tools and inadequate items that could be used as melee weapons
Could be used for their intended purpose or for defending one self
Exhausts the character a lot more to use them as weapons but would do in a pinch
Varying sizes of knives
Fast striking and easy to use they still retain the lethality of dedicated melee weapons
Quite short reach, as one would expect the character would need to get up close and personal to exploit the advantages
One-handed spears
The balanced melee weapons, sacrificing a bit of speed to gain more lethality and reach
No direct disadvantages but no prominent advantages either
Two-handed spears
Longest reach and highest lethality truly the master of melee combat
Quite exausting to use in adition to slower swings in comparison
Trown weapons that could be used in melee
The most adaptable weapons, could be used as ranged and melee weapons allowing for a more fluent playstyle
Not as simple or as lethal to use in comparison to dedicated melee weapons

Ranged Weapon Types

Weapon Types
Key Advantages
Key Disadvantages
Thrown weapons
Quite effective at short range in addition to the uniqe upside of being a valid melee weapon
Not as lethal or as accurate in comparison to other ranged weapons
Blow guns
Versatile, light, cheap and easy to use with the option to coat darts with handmade concoctions
If the darts are not coated with anything the weapon is quite underwhelming in regards to range or lethality
Cheap ammunition and surprisingly effective for its primitive design
No true disadvantages aside the time it takes to master it to its full potential
Revolvers and pistols
Highly lethal for its size and pretty accurate even on the move
Not as accurate as rifles when fully aimed and eats through valuable ammunition
Extremely lethal at short ranges, nothing comes close
Loses lethality and accuracy at longer ranges
Highly accurate and lethal at long ranges when fully aimed
Unwieldy at shorter ranges and poor rate of fire
Sub machine guns
Shocking rate of fire and lethality at short and medium ranges
Chews through valuable ammunition at an alarming rate and its quite exausting to use