Gold Fever



One of the most unique features of Gold Fever is obtaining limited-time ownership of special account perks. This provides players, who strengthen the game economy with a wide variety of options to further enhance their gameplay. The feature is accessible through the Rights section of the website.
The rights section is one of the most enticing features of Gold Fever. Rights are perks that give players unique benefits in the game or unlock otherwise unobtainable content. Anything from generous Jul discounts, special merchant licenses, and guild features are listed here! Here are some of the types of rights players may find:
  • Rare Items
  • Discounts
  • Vip Access
  • Skills & Perks
  • Merchant
  • Guilds
To learn how to acquire rights from the website click Website Manual.


Discounts are tiered rights that can be acquired in the same way as any other rights, via NGL staking or burning. This provides various discounts on Jul purchases. The tiered functionality allows users to upgrade their discount status to a higher tier. Each tier must be purchased to be able to activate the next tier. Since tiers work in a chain logic, If a previous tier expires and a higher tier was previously active, the status of the discount returns to the lowest tier that is still active until the higher tier is repurchased.
Example: if you have purchased up to tier 5 but tier 3 expires, the active tier becomes tier 2 until tier 3 is once again activated.
Visit the Discount section webpage for additional info.


The merchant tab displays 2 rows of tiered offers that are separate from each other, with various unique economic perks. A player may choose to acquire the first one, the second one, or both at the same time. Each row can only be upgraded in sequence, similarly to “discounts.”
Visit the Merchant section webpage for additional info.


The guilds tab has a tiered row as explained previously, offering guild ownership and functionality. In addition to the tired row there are unique standalone offers that a user may purchase, which offer utility and additional features for the guild.
Visit the Guilds section webpage for additional info.