Gold Fever


The contrasting motives of the factions in Gold Fever create a tension resolved through deadly combat.
Choosing a side determines how the player will earn, which features will be available to that character, and sets a different endgame goal.
Note: While faction choice is permanent for each character, players can play both factions by creating a new character on the same account.
The two factions to choose between are:
Adventurers- Colonists in search of fortune flock to the islands of Gold Fever. Some seek fame, others material gains, and in most cases both. They are willing to put their superior technology to achieve their goals.
Tribals- The natives of the island rise to defend their home from a destructive aggressor that seeks to defile their homeland and holy sites. Spiritually connected to the gold in the rivers, they seek to return it to its natural resting place and destroy any technologically advanced weapons and tools brought from the invading adventurers.
Classes are the identity of the player's characters in Gold Fever. Deciding on a class determines a character's primary role and the skills it can develop beyond excellence.

Adventurer Classes

Classes are the identity of the player's characters in Gold Fever. Deciding on a class directly implies what a character primary role is and the type of skills it can develop.

Prospector Class

Eager to explore a new land on the island arrives the Prospector. Educated to examine the composition, structure, and other geological aspects of the terrain. The Prospector is best suited for gold discovery and extraction but can also hold his own in any combat situation.
Gold Rush Pioneer

Medic Class

With a hopeful heart and adventurous spirit, the Medic arrives on the Island. Educated in triage, field medicine, and other healing practices. The Medic is best suited for healing and support but not to be underestimated when trouble erupts.

Hunter Class

The thrill of seeking new game animals brings the Hunter to the Island. Trained in weapons handling, animal tracking and identification, and other hunting techniques. The Hunter is best suited for a frontline combat or exploration role but is crafty and well-versed in all other skills.
Big Game Hunter
Shark Hunter


Native to the land, tribals see the adventurers as a hostile invading entity that seeks to take over their land and gold. Tribals dwell in their villages which are located in the dense jungles. Their religion and beliefs are the guiding force for their behavior and actions. Gold is sacred in their religion and they will do whatever it takes to keep it out of the hands of the invaders. Their Tribe Leaders reward them for killing adventurers, destroying their tools, and returning any stolen gold from the rivers.

Tribal Classes

Tribals as well have three options when it comes to classes.

Shaman Class

Ready to bolster the defenses of his ancestral land, the Shaman is essential to the cause. Educated in the healing of wounds and enhancing the abilities of the tribals by using plant or zoo toxins in small quantities. The Shaman is best suited for support and healing but his powerful toxins are a great advantage on any battlefield.
Medicine man

Scout Class

The Scout is an expert at discovering and tracking enemy movement. Trained to traverse the thick jungle and rough terrain with ease and stealth, the Scout is best suited for keeping track of enemy movement and setting up ambushes. The unrivaled accuracy and cunning stealth give him an advantage in eliminating priority targets.

Warrior Class

Ready and willing to lay down their lives to fiercely defend the home is the class of Warrior. Trained in all kinds of weapons and combat techniques, the Warrior class forms the frontline of battle. Although the Warrior class can handle any weapon, they best thrive in melee combat at the center of the battle.