Gold Fever

Group and Group +


Gathering groups are the core of any multiplayer experience and Gold Fever is no exception. The idea is to provide the players with a way to socialize with others, as well as take on bigger challenges not meant for a single player. Gold Fever takes one step further by adding an option to create a group with strictly economic goals via Group+.

Difference Between a Group and Group +

The main difference between Group and Group + is the functionality they provide, in particular how gold sharing is handled between its members. Additionally Group+ is created via purchase of a time-limited contract, while the basic group is completely free. Group+ is accessible by Adventurers only, and comes with beneficiary features as opposed to the basic Group.

Forming and Managing a Group

In order to create a group, a player must find and invite another player. Once the invitation is accepted, the group is created and the player who initiated the invite becomes the group's leader and can choose a name for it. Anyone can be invited to or apply to be included in the group as long they are of the same faction as the leader. Gold Fever also includes a handy group finder feature in-game.
A member can at any point choose to leave the group without any major consequences. However if the leaving member is the leader of the group a new leader will be randomly assigned from the remaining members. Additionally the group's leader can at any time assign a new leader.

Group Benefits

  • Overview of members’ availability status (online/offline)
  • Overview of members’ real-time location on the map
  • Private group chat
  • Health status

Forming and Managing a Group +

Group+ is an Adventurer-only economically driven group created with the aim of participating and earning gold during the mining claim endeavors. The group's leader sets the amount of gold he reserves for himself, while the rest is split equally between other members.
Forming a Group+ requires at least two of the members to be in a basic Group first. The basic group can then be converted to a Group + through paying for the upgrade feature. Group + is time-limited but its span can be extended.
Anyone can be invited or be a part of a Group+ as long as they are playing as an Adventurer. All members that are a part of a basic group before upgrading to Group + are given a prompt to accept to be a part of the new Group + or leave altogether.
As with the basic Groups, at any point members of the Group + can leave if they choose so, and only take with them their share of the gold made up until that point. The same happens with the remaining members that are still part of the group, which will share all the gold made together up until that point but continue collecting gold past this, which will now exclude the player who left.
If the leader of the Group+ leaves, the group is demoted into a basic Group again, with a random leader assigned. The contract (which was purchased and held by the leader) is instantly terminated and the earnings shared according to the rules set in the contract.
The other unique feature for a Group+ is its ability to use a radio and a flare to use as a signal for a mining claim supply crate. If any of the members possesses the item, then the whole group can utilize the feature.

Group+ Benefits

  • All of the regular group's benefits
  • Shared distribution of gold
  • Use of the special items

Group+ Special Items

Group+ displays an icon next to members portrait representing a commodity. These are used in various ways to help the team as a whole.
  • Flares - By using a flare, the player calls out a care package at the starting point for the adventurers of the mining claim. This is deployed via plane.
  • Radios - Used for communication
  • Safes- Any member can use a safe (if they have one) to store the gold. Members of the same group+ can use each other's safes (deposit, pick up, carry etc.) but will only be able to access the gold they put in the safe, even after expiry of the Group+ timer.