Gold Fever

Merchant Buildings


Merchant buildings in Gold Fever are the driving force of the game’s economy. They provide goods and services for the players as well as passive income for the business owners. Furthermore they serve as a respawning point, a place to rest place, storage for items, places for social gatherings and much more.
Merchant buildings represent the most expensive type of NFTs in the game, with a minimal passive income. Various types of buildings will be available for purchase from which some only through the governor's package or as a guild-owned property.
The owner of the building sets the prices for all goods and services offered in that facility. Additionally, they have the option to expand the building’s functionality and/or increase capacity through upgrading the tier of NPC managers and purchasing additional equipment.
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Buildings in Gold Fever can either be purchased by business owners, by a guild, or acquired with the the governor package.


All buildings apart from the bungalows have some sort of management attached to them. This can vary and is not limited to:
  • Setting prices for items being sold
  • Buying and implementing equipment
  • Adding NPC Managers
  • Services
  • Custody renting
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Upgrading Buildings

There is a range of new features to enhance the building owner's experience. Each building can be upgraded and specialized with a feature that adds new functions and options. Being a building owner has some possible choices that change and shape the service that the building provides.
Let's look at the Bar as an example.
The Bar can be upgraded in a couple of ways.
The Fighting Pit and the Podium each change and color the function of the Bar significantly. The Fighting Pit makes the Bar building seem more exciting because of its fighting and betting mechanics, while on the opposite end, The Podium establishes a more relaxed social atmosphere where player characters will gather and replenish after a difficult adventure.
Some features like the Entertainment Corner add more activities that become available for the patrons of the bar to do while relaxing. The Dedicated Food and Drink Corner feature adds faster replenishment of food in the building itself.
Each of these features can be upgraded by tiers and either unlock something new (e.g. The Fighting Pit Tournament) or better functionality (e.g. Improved Dedicated Food and Drink Corner)
Each building has a fixed number of slots where these features can be bought and built. This forces the building owner to experiment and mix and match according to player demand or personal taste.
Want a classy, reputable establishment where players come to wind down and relax? Build an Entertainment Corner with a Dedicated Food and Drink Corner. Want a Casino feel to your Bar? Build a Podium together with a Fighting Pit and watch as player characters enjoy the fights with some betting on the side.
From airfield upgrades to bar and kennel features, every building poses a new challenge with options for customization and experimentation. This is what unique mode of building upgrades is what makes every establishment you enter as a player character unique


For players that value their time more than anything, the airfield is a dream come true. Air travel is the most efficient form of personal and cargo transport in Gold Fever.
The owner of the airfield will be able to store their acquired NFT planes here, as well as leave them in custody to be rented by players who just want a little taste of soaring through the skies themselves. The airfield also serves as a take-off and landing spot.
Furthermore, the airfield gives other players the opportunity of buying tickets to pre-set airplane routes that travel across the entire land! Truly this building is one of the highest-valued pieces of infrastructure in Gold Fever.
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Any weary adventurer needs a refill after a hard day of exploring the jungle, and sometimes water simply doesn't cut it. Lucky for them, at the Bar they can drown their exhaustion with the best drinks money can buy.
Offering a wide variety of spirits, cocktails, liquors and the space to sit for everyone, the Bar might be the go-to social gathering place for new players wanting to meet battle-hardened locals with stories to tell.
In addition to that, alcohol increases certain stats when consumed so - drink away! Just make sure you know how to get back to your Bungalow or the Hotel after spending the night at the bar.


If players want to feel safe in the jungle they will need more than just positive thoughts. The bare minimum is at least a knife, or some kind of firearm, which is the best option for the players who are not willing to take any chances.
However to construct knives and firearms many small and large metal components are necessary!
This type of crafting is the expertise of the Blacksmith, the largest manufacturer of every metal component needed to craft or produce items in all of the land. Its main role is to supply all of the merchant buildings with properly fashioned metal components, using ingots supplied by the governor-owned mine and foundry.

Butcher Shop

Dismembering animals is an abominable job, luckily Gold Fever features a Butcher Shop so that the players don't have to get their hands dirty. Animal carcasses contain many parts usable in the game's economy. Depending on the animals, carcasses will have different outcomes as to which items are produced off of them. With that being said, the Butcher Shops will be providing other buildings with raw materials.


Seeing as a large part of the setting in Gold Fever is a dense (and creepy at night time) forest, there is an abundance of wood to find around. Carpentry takes the spotlight when it comes to fashion items made from wood, which comes as no surprise, is a major resource that is used by many buildings in Gold Fever! Players will have the opportunity to use their skills at harvesting wood and utilize carpentry to supply it with this rich resource, craft, and purchase items.


Considering the geographical structure of the Island and its network of natural rivers, water transportation will play a very important role in the game.
Offering reliable services, the docks help players navigate through the rivers with ease and transport cargo of heavy loads efficiently. Players can deploy their purchased boats here to use or leave them in custodial care to be rented, while others can even opt for a quick buy ticketed boat ride to any other dock in the land.
Moreover, the dock will feature sellable goods and equipment for all aquatic and survival needs which makes this building a bang for one’s buck in value.
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Guild Base

Being the social entity that it is, a guild would not be complete without a personalized building for all of its members.
While a guild doesn’t automatically come with a Guild Base, it's safe to say that this is its most important upgrade, providing the guild with its own space to gather, store goods, and show off its colors and guild logo for all to see.
Furthermore, the Guild Base unlocks the option to build other guild buildings close to it. These buildings offer unique perks to guild members with plenty of utility such as convenient parking for all member-owned vehicles. Guild Base can be obtained by purchasing a blueprint and placing it on available land. Also, additional guild buildings can be purchased as blueprints and placed in the vicinity of the Guild Base.
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After every long day of adventuring, there comes a time when one must rest to be able to fight another day. However, resting in the wild and dangerous jungles on the island might result in an unsuspected attack at any given moment.
Located in every adventurer base, the Hotel offers a solution to such survival issues. Players can rent rooms here to replenish their rest bar and save their spawn point the next time they come in-game, or perhaps leave all their things neatly tucked into a rentable storage unit for their items.


The jungles of Gold Fever can be a very lonely place at times, so who best to keep you company other than man’s best friend, a Dog! Anything from tracking your prey, keeping you safe, or just being there for company, dogs in Gold Fever are unique due to their combat implications providing utility no other animal can! At the kennels, players can buy or rent dogs as companions, tend to their wounds, and purchase food, equipment, and even toys to keep their companions happy.


Farmers Market

Harvesting food in Gold Fever can be a time-consuming and dangerous task. The Farmers Market provides players with fruit and vegetables, preserved and fresh, with all the convenience of just buying instead of gathering. Especially given that most articles sold here cannot even be found in the world.
The biggest upside of bypassing harvesting goes beyond just keeping the hunger bar in check. It also cuts on potential time lost in the jungle where keeping your belly full is never guaranteed.
At the same time for any prospering cooks in adventurer bases, including buildings with such upgrades, the option to get a regular delivery made of supplies is a dream come true.

Survival Market

The jack of all wares and master of none, at the Survival Market players will find the greatest selection of items to purchase, especially those which are last-minute grab items, essential for their jungle adventures like ammo and some tools. Economically savvy players will find this building of particular interest as the Survival Market also manufactures cheaper versions of items at a lower quality.


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Donkey Stables

Players searching for a low-cost and maintenance type of transportation should look no further than a good ol' donkey! Its economic value is unrivaled compared to other transportation, with the added ability to carry an impressive amount of cargo!
This is where the donkey stable shows its potential. Here players will be able to purchase, rent or store their donkeys. As with similar buildings they can provide their companion with medical care, food, and equipment.

Horse Stables

One of the oldest and most appreciated transportation companions, the graceful and ever-present horse, is a staple in Gold Fever. At the horse stables, players will be able to purchase, rent or store their horses. Some maintenance of this wonderful creature will be required, however, mending its wounds, and providing it with food as well as quality equipment, all of which are provided in the horse stables.


Instrument Workshop

Offering one-of-a-kind items, the instrument workshops are the only places on the island where one can purchase a wide selection of instruments. Guitars, banjos, violins, and harmonicas are just some of the selections a player can purchase and show off their playing skills to others. Listening to music being played in gold-fever boosts the characters' morale, so these wonderful creations of humanity offer much utility to the well-being of the characters.

Tailoring Workshop

While fashion in the jungle isn’t as important as just having clothes that can protect you from various dangers, your character’s looks matter, and what better place to dress up than the Tailoring Workshop?
In this building, you will find the finest of cloth in Gold Fever, be it used for bandages, bags, or simply something to wear. This however doesn't end here as cloth is a prominent material used by various buildings for many crafts, making the Tailoring Workshop and its textile wares a huge manufacturing demand.

Tool Workshop

Crafting won't be possible without the correct tools. With that being said the Tool Workshop is often seen as essential to the economy. Manufacturing a wide variety of items, among them the staple for gold collecting - rocker box, it doesn't take long for everyone to label the Tool Workshop as a pillar of the merchant buildings.

Weapon Workshop

What's better than bringing a gun to a knife fight? - Bringing several guns. The weapon workshop is just the place to find them. Ranged weapons like shotguns, rifles, pistols, and bows, or melee weapons like spears and knives, this building has it all! Aside from these, much to no one's surprise, ammo is also sold to accommodate ongoing usage. While this building doesn't supply other buildings with goods, one can see why it has its place in Gold Fever as a top contender.