Gold Fever

Perfect Strike


Gold Fever introduces a skill-based challenge in the form of the "Perfect Strike". During open-world harvesting, the player will have the option to release the command button for that action within a predefined time frame for increased effect.
Note: Perfect strike is implemented only in situations where a tool is used to preform an action.


There are several outcomes that can occur when a perfect strike is engaged, rewarding or punishing the player accordingly based on the situation.
  • Releasing the left click before the perfect strike is a fail
  • Releasing the left click during the perfect strike window is a success
  • Releasing the left click after the perfect strike window is a partial success
  • Not releasing the left click at all is an ineffective strike

Item Durability

When performing actions affected by the perfect strike feature, the stats of the item used will further modify the outcome. Some durability is lost every time an item is used, and it's also true when performing a perfect strike. Although performing a successful perfect strike will have the item lose only half its durability.