Gold Fever

Account Creation

Creating an account for Gold Fever is a simple method! Head on over to the website's Main Page and click “SignUp”.
This will open a window pop-up that requires:
  • Username - This is the unique handle of the account.
  • Email - The e-mail that will be associated with the account.
  • Password - The most important log-in requirement! The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter and one symbol.
After this step is successfully completed, users get prompted to enter the confirmation code sent to their email. If by chance, the window on the website closes in the meantime, a user can go back to “sign up” and click the “confirmation code” text at the bottom of the pop-up to enter their code.
Alternatively, users can sign up using the options on the lower part of the pop-up, with Google, Discord, Steam or Facebook. Upon completion, the account gets created, and a corresponding crypto wallet is generated and assigned to the account automatically. From here on, users are free to explore all the options the website has to offer!

Logging in

After creating an account, users can log in by navigating to the top-right corner of the website. The pop-up window will appear and ask the user to input their credentials. Inputting the registered information and hitting “log in” will finalize the process.
Alternatively, users registered on any social media platform listed may easily log in using the same account information!