Gold Fever

Governor Buildings


Gold Fever has a huge landmass divided into smaller areas. The areas will be administrated by Governors. They will own a set unique set of buildings unavailable to other players, and have jurisdiction over the adventurer bases in the area they control.
To learn more about the governor economy role click Economy Roles.

Governor-owned buildings

The package that comes with being a Governor includes 6 unique buildings:
  • Distillery
  • Hospital
  • Bank
  • Governor's Mansion
  • Mine
  • Watermill

Governor's Mansion

When talking about prestige in Gold Fever, the governor’s mansion is as good as it gets. The crown jewel of the governor package, this building is limited to one per governed zone. The governor can utilize the mansion building management feature on the My Account Page on the website to configure the zone tax that applies to transactions in their zone. In the end though, it’s quite a formidable display of authority.


Extracting gold, a core element of the game, would not be complete without the governor-owned bank to finalize the process.
The bank is where players will be able to trade their hard-earned gold extracted in mining claims for NGL. In order to reveal its true value, calculated in carats, the bank also offers the service of assessing the gold to find out its purity factor. The higher the purity amount, the higher the value of the gold nugget per gram. Players may also decide to simply trade in the nugget for a standard default carat value, if they think their collected nugget might not be that pure.

Gold Purity Assessment

Regardless of faction, one of the ultimate goals for players is to obtain gold. Gold nuggets found in the real world can have different sizes, weights, and purity. Gold purity is usually displayed in carats ct (the UK and the rest of the world) or karats K (USA) as 1/24 parts of gold in the whole. While perfect 100% purity is impossible to obtain 24-carat gold is accepted as 99.95% gold. In Gold Fever gold nuggets will have the same variables as in the real world size, weight, and carats.


For a player to find the exact value of the gold in NGL the gold nugget needs to be examined. There are two methods as to how this is done. In the bank by the purity assessment service for a fee, or by using specialized equipment.

Method 1

The bank has a default price rate at which gold is bought if the purity is unknown. This price takes in consideration the calculation of risk if the actual gold nugget bought is of higher or lower purity. If the purity is known the price rate will go up or down directly equal to its purity.
Example: A gold nugget that weighs 10 grams has a default purity of 75% so the bank offers 0.75 NGL for it. The player chooses to evaluate the gold nugget for a fee of ~20 JUL’s. The newly identified nugget has 85% purity so the bank offers 0.85 NGL for it.

Method 2

The player will be able to purchase an item called the “Assay Kit” which they can use at any time to determine the purity of gold. The kit can be used several times before it becomes unusable. The evaluation functions on the same principles as described in the example above.

Mobile Bank

The mobile bank has the same capability as a full-fledged bank, but with a caveat. It can be placed at the entrance of mining claims with a much worse conversion rate compared to the bank. The mobile bank is rented through the Rights sheet as an addition to the mining claim license.


The bank owner (governor) sets the exchange rate for the mobile bank. A mobile bank unit to mining claims to allow players to exchange gold for NGL instantly. This involves a right on the rights sheet, where anyone can invest in a mobile bank cart and have the responsibility of taking it physically to the mining claim, relocating it at will.
This way the person investing accepts the responsibility of protecting it, while the option of owning a cart is provided to anyone who wants to invest by using the rights sheet. Additionally, a “safe-area” at the beginning of a mining claim where both the vendor cart and mobile bank will be located. A friendly adventurer watch tower would always be protecting this area from the enemy tribals, guaranteeing the safety of the merchants at minimum in this area.
Safety however is not guaranteed outside of the mining claim or any of the paths leading to other mining claims. It would be up to the investor to hire people to protect them and their precious cargo.


Relaxing after a long day of adventures in the jungle is just one beverage away. In Gold Fever the Distillery is where alcohol is produced and sold. The production of beer and hard liquor (for example whiskey) for consumption and ethanol for medicinal purposes makes this building a staple in the economy as well as a supplier to other buildings that use these products in various ways.


The governor-owned hospital is a paramount adventurer building due its primary role as a respawn point in the game.
Falling unconscious due to damage sustained in combat or simply passing out from hunger will land a player in one of the many comfy beds in the nearest hospital, located at every adventurer governed base. Hospitals will also provide the player the opportunity to use its service to get rid of any daunting negative effects as well as quality produced healing items that can be used on the fly.


Big part of the governor package, the mine, is a key building providing the entire zone with highly sought-after materials - metal ores.
The mine also features a foundry where the ores are processed and smelted into ingots, used by many other buildings to produce an impressive array of items and components, which makes it an important one-stop shop for many crafters!


The governor-owned watermill is another one of the important zone buildings that provide resources to other buildings in order to produce many valuable items. Resources like flour, paper, yarns and others are produced here, which makes it a precious addition to the governor package.