Gold Fever

Weapons NFTs


Combat is inevitable in the world of Gold Fever. Players need to be armed and ready for the dangers of the Island. Our selection of NFTs offers a wide selection of limited series of weapons both melee and ranged. Some are high-powered, and some are adorned with precious gems. Any collector worth their salt will want to have these items in their collections. Being limited in their presence on the island, these weapons will be very hard to find and their value will be very high as a result.
If you want to learn more about the functionality, please visit the Combat page.
Weapon Name
Opal Kukri
A unique, long inward curved handheld blade, with a beautiful iridescent opal handle adorning it.
Tricolor Hunter Knife
A sturdy and sharp hunter's knife, adapted for the harsh challenges in the wilderness, adorned with a tricolor on it's handle.
Revolver Ivory Handle
A robust and reliablie handgun from the Old Continent, adorned with an alluring handle made from ivory.
Revolver Blue Handle
A handgun adorned with a blue color handle.
Double-Barreled Shotgun
A terrifying break action shotgun with two barrels, ready to spew lead pellets on your enemies.
Assault Rifle
A modern selective-fire rifle that uses an detachable magazine.