Gold Fever

Active Income


Like in the real world, nothing is free in the world of Gold Fever. Acquiring any income is essential to any player who wishes to participate and advance in the in-game economy. This can be achieved through participation in or managing Mining Claims. Of course, there will be plenty to do and trade with, but this is the main way of earning currency.
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Participating in Mining Claims

Mining Claims are PvP zones that offer the opportunity to sift the riverbeds for gold nuggets along with other players. Sifting can be done with either a Gold Pan alone or with a Rocker Box that can require more players to operate. Getting the gold out of the river and surviving the ordeal is a challenge in itself! But after the Mining Claim is done, it must be carried to the nearby Mobile Bank.
Be warned that this is not without its own share of danger. Accruing large amounts of wealth paints a target on players' backs if they carry their riches on their persons. Mining Claims are by their very definition hazardous PvP areas where anything can happen and no one is safe! Nothing worthwhile is without risk, after all.
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Managing Mining Claims

If this seems like too much of a hassle and some players have resources to spend, managing Mining Claims is a non-violent way of earning resources. Owning a license for a Mining Claim is beneficial to both organizers and participants since the gold that is found that day is divided and distributed at the end of the event.
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Managing Buildings

Combat is not the only way of earning a decent income. Players who manage buildings also get a nice slice of the profits from the services provided. Depending on the services provided and how often those services are used, will impact how much income is generated. Smart players will need to keep track of what items or services are required and what needs are not being met. While managing buildings, players will be in charge of setting the prices of the items and services rendered, and with that have a significant impact on the local economy! Also, making sure that the building needs and materials are being met, and everything will be running smoothly.
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