Gold Fever

Crafting Items


Crafting is the largest and most diverse feature in Gold Fever, It impacts a large part of the game's economy. What gives crafting such a big role is the multitudes of items and their utility included within the game.
Most items cannot be found on the Island so they must be crafted first. For the most part we differentiate two types of crafting:
  • Building production - where items are crafted in buildings.
  • Survival crafting - where items are crafted on the go in the jungle.


Gold Fever features a wide selection of materials used when crafting. These can be further categorized as:
  • Raw Materials items that are used in the crafting process.
    • Harvestables found in the open world
    • Produce created within the base
  • Components compound items made out of several raw materials
The final item can be a product of one or several iterations of crafting. These iterations can use one or more raw materials or components.
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Building Production

The main hubs/bases feature multiple buildings where different item types are crafted. In order for an item to be crafted, the building or the player should have enough materials to do so. Items will have their own requirements to determine their characteristics.
To learn more about buildings click Merchant Buildings.

Work Orders

Once a building is running low on materials it can place a work order. This broadcasts a quest for nearby players that the building is open to buying specific raw materials or components in order to continue production.
From here, players willing to provide these materials are competing against each other to deliver the materials as fast as possible. Once the work order is completed and the building inventory is at capacity for the given material, players can no longer submit any materials. Successfully completing a work order will compensate players that participated.

Survival Crafting

During their adventures in the middle of the jungles of Gold Fever, players might find themselves needing a weapon or a tool. Resource management and crafting are an important part of the game. Players have the option to somewhat sustain themselves on their own, this is where survival crafting comes in.
Created to be the ultimate test of resourcefulness, survival crafting allows players to craft a smaller selection of items with resources found in the open world. However, these items come at a cost. Player items don't last as long or have the same effect as items produced in buildings. Lastly, materials needed to craft these items are not always easy to find.
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