Gold Fever



Becoming a Governor is the game's most prestigious position a player can obtain. The owner of the station will gain executive administrative power in the zone. This allows the Governor to influence and shape the economy in their governed zones by developing and improving them. Making the zones more convenient and attractive for business owners to set up their stores and workshops.
Acquiring this role is a financial commitment. Therefore, becoming a Governor offers the highest potential revenue compared to the rest of the play styles available to the Adventurers faction. In an effort to balance this, the game will have a limited number of Governors. For more info on becoming a Governor, check our website.

Becoming a Governor

Obtaining the position of Governor can only be achieved by acquiring the Governor’s Package via the website. The package will include exclusively unique buildings that produce base resources or offer essential services for adventurers operating in the governed zone. The contents of this package are predetermined.

Governor Influence

Governors will have jurisdiction over an area and this is unique compared to other roles a player can have in Gold Fever. Taxes and fees that are applied in the area are controlled and collected by the Governor. The sum of those taxes and fees is then split between the Governor and the Company.

Governor Rules

Being essential to the zone, a Governor affects the infrastructure. If merchant building cannot meet the consumer demands of other players or when the market is overwhelmed with products from the same business, it falls to the Governor to balance this out. Taxes and fees in the area are controlled and collected by the Governor. The sum of those taxes and fees gets divided between the Governor and the Company. These specific rules include, but are not limited to:
  • The Governor decides the number of buildings built of the same type in a single adventurer area.
  • The min/max tax for any profit earned in the zone is decided by the corresponding Governor of that zone.

Governor's Package

One of the many perks of being a Governor is the number of exclusives that come with the Governor's package. They are unique to the governed zone, and their quantity is severely limited. These buildings produce base resources and ready-to-use products, which makes starting a business in a Governor controlled area much more convenient.
To learn more about governor buildings click Governor Buildings