Gold Fever

Economy Roles

There are several tiers of economic roles we anticipate to be prevalent in Gold Fever. They represent the several layers of commitment to certain playstyles and the willingness to either spend early in the game’s infrastructure or spend later on to be able to earn more tokens. These are only some of the examples of players earning based on their actions in-game, however the sky's the limit when it comes to using the free market to its full potential!


Opportunity is everywhere in the world of Gold Fever. Players can purchase many NFTs that they can apply and use in the game to reign in some more tokens. The economic infrastructure in Gold Fever allows for NFTs to be traded and leased for tokens, anything from renting your NFT weapons to players in dire need of arms or using an airplane to provide ticketed transport for traveling players. Smartly employing these amazing features in the game has great potential for players to earn tokens from such endeavors.

Early Adopters

Early adopters are players who start off by purchasing key value NFTs early, these will provide an edge right off the bat. When most would walk through the thick and dangerous jungles, an early adopter has already acquired knowledge of the terrain by using a swift horse to explore and find all the economic potentials the island has to offer. One can easily see how jumping early on the train can potentially result in massive gains down the line.
To learn more about NFTs click Guide & FAQ.

Business owners

Business owners are a completely different tier than most, since their willingness to set up entire infrastructure in Gold Fever and participate in the supply chain in the entire economy is quite the endeavor. In Gold Fever, infrastructure means buildings!
Buildings that perform services, supply other key structures with material components, provide players with attractive item offers and much needed restocking of supplies. It is plain to see how the constant demand and supply of the economy will play out for any business owners in the future, however competition cannot be underestimated. Business owners will need to step up and always have their eye on the prize to succeed, upgrading their buildings and looking out to balance prices in their zone. However, as with any business endeavor, the risks might reap massive rewards.
To learn more about buildings click Commercial Infrastructure.


Becoming a Governor is the game's most prestigious position a player can obtain.
For more info on becoming a Governor check our website. Acquiring this role is a financial commitment, therefore becoming a Governor offers the highest potential compared to the rest of the play styles available to Adventurers. In an effort to balance this, the game will have a limited number of Governors.
To learn more about buildings available to the Governor click Governor Buildings

Becoming a Governor

Getting the status of Governor can only be done through acquiring the Governor’s Package. The package will include exclusive buildings and the VIP section of the rights sheet. The contents of this package are pre-determined.

Gaining tokens as a Governor

Governors will have jurisdiction over an area and this is unique compared to other roles a player can have in Gold Fever. Taxes and fees that are applied in the area are controlled and collected by the Governor. The sum of those taxes and fees is then split between the Governor and the Company.

Governor's Package

One of the many perks of being a Governor is the number of exclusives that come with the Governor's package.
To learn more about governor buildings click Governor Buildings.