Gold Fever

Hunting and Gathering

The environment in Gold Fever is diverse and rich and has its terrain covered by lush rain forests, bamboo thickets and roaring rivers. This nourishes a vibrant and dynamic animal population which creates a living and breathing ecosystem. Many edible plants can be found on the Island and used in various recipes.
Some will sate your hunger while you hunt, some have healing properties that can be useful in a pinch while others can be used in crafting.
If you are lucky and stealthy enough, you will encounter animals grazing or foraging for food near by. With a lucky shot from your trusty weapon, you can have yourself a hearty meal. But be warned that leaving the safety of the bases invites danger, as your place in the food chain becomes contested and you are not the only one who hunts.
Stealthy and deadly animal predators roam the forests, rivers and beaches of the Island. Ready to strike at any time, they don't care whether the prey they hunt has feathers or walks on two legs.
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Open-World Harvesting

Players can harvest most natural resources found on the Island. Wood, fruit, herbs are plentiful but not easily accessible. You will get lost in the jungle, traverse difficult terrain, learn how to recognize poisonous plants and tell them apart from the edible ones.
Effort determines reward and your capacity to survive
Some of the items you can find in the wild include:
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Branches and choppable wood
  • Herbs and Plants


The tropical climate of Gold Fever Island allows for a wide selection of animals to inhabit it. We can further divide fauna in the game by their behavior characteristics:
  • Predators - Being the most vicious of creatures in the jungle, they will automatically attack any player foolish enough to come close to them. The proximity is based on the type of animal. The crocodile is a prime example of an aquatic predator.
  • Prey - Residing at the lower parts of the food chain, these animals don't have adequate means to defend themselves. Instead, if they sense danger approaching them they will start running. These include cows, pigs, and boars.
  • Aggressive herbivores - Peaceful by nature, these types of animals will not attack nor run for as long as the player approaching doesn't attack them first. However, when hostile action is taken against them they will try to retaliate. The cassowary is such a bird.


Hunting animals is a good way of sourcing animal-based materials for survival and crafting. This task will require dedication and patience to find, track, and kill the prized prey. Depending on the animal's type, the player will have to face different challenges while hunting, and owning a canine companion will improve the chances of a successful hunt. Some animals can be dangerous, especially when threatened, so be sure to plan carefully and bring the right hunting equipment or face the risk of becoming prey.

Meat Preparation

As far as survival is concerned, no part of the animal should go to waste because everything is usable in crafting recipes. Nothing can be achieved without the right tools. For example, quartering animal meat requires a knife, while catching fish requires a net or a fishing rod. When extracting raw animal resources in the open world, players will gather only a fraction of what a trained butcher who uses specialized equipment would produce. Bringing the dead animal carcass to the local butcher will require a transport companion.
What kind of items can the players extract?
Skinning animals produces animal hides of various qualities.
Quartering animals produce meat and bones.
Catching fish produces fish meat, scales, and bones.


Nothing tastes quite like a fresh kill. But when dealing with a freshly killed carcass, time is a factor in Gold Fever. As soon as the animal gets hunted, there will be a window of time while the meat is fresh. After some time, it will start to decay and degrade in quality. What this means is when quartering animal meat and hide from a stale corpse, you will get the same quantity of resources without any usable meat.
So always be mindful of the time when hunting or gathering. The gathering mechanic will follow a similar example but simplified. Everybody knows not to eat spoiled fruit!