๐Ÿ”ดReliability and Infamy

See if you can avoid gaining any infamy points! Or become the most notorious player in the world!


With our reliability system, players from both factions can compete for access to the most lucrative mining claims. Your reliability points will determine the minimum requirements to join a mining claim, so you better make sure you're reliable!

Reliability is a character-specific stat, so each of your characters will need to build up their own reputation. Whether you're a tribal or adventurer, you can improve your reliability by performing well in mining claims or worsen it by being a bad teammate.

Actions that will raise Reliability:

Enemy kills, harming enemies and helping wounded teammates.

Some actions can raise reliability for adventurers like converting gold or entering and utilizing a rockerbox in a mining claim. Conversely retrieving gold from adventurers and harming an opponent that will later on be killed will grant reliability for tribals.

Actions that will lower Reliability:

In order to ensure everyone enjoys the mining claims there will be minor punishments for inactivity, specifically if no kills or assists were made, if a character remained idle for half an hour and finally if a character was kicked from a mining claim.

Reliability can be split into four categories:

  • Novice, 0 to 10 reliability

  • Apprentice, 11 to 50 reliability

  • Veteran, 51 to 200 reliability

  • Master, 201+ reliability

Take note that only Novice players will have access to poor mining claims. Mining claim owners will have final say who enters their mining claims, but being seen as a master of mining claims will make a member more desirable.


Gold Fever introduces an innovative system called Infamy to regulate player behavior. Infamy is a character-specific and area-based status that evolves as a player performs specific actions. The law ensures that players who misbehave and perpetrate offenses are punished. The infamy status is not gained when an offense is made but rather is a result of reporting.

The system has exceptions for Governed vs. Ungoverned zones, where any reporting must be made in a governed area to the sheriff. Wanted statuses are void in ungoverned bases, with the exception of townspeople refusing services and goods to a character if any of them are harmed. The infamy evolves or worsens as a character punishment is increased.

The infamy status is only visible to others when checking the wanted postings. The information is updated in their journal about all wanted characters in that area. This allows victims to post bounties on their murderers, and if a bounty is collected, the character who had the bounty on their head will wake up in a prison to serve their sentence.

The infamy system accounts for different tiers of offenses, from destroying an allyโ€™s items to friendly fire. Sheriffs and their deputies attacking a character for imprisonment use tranquilizers instead of live rounds. If the character is hit, they fall unconscious, are apprehended and sent to prison.

In Gold Fever the Infamy system adds a new level of realism and challenge to the game. Players must be careful not to commit offenses and gain infamy points, or they risk being hunted down by other players. On the other hand, players can hunt down bounties on wanted players, adding a new level of excitement to the game. The infamy system ensures that players are held accountable for their actions and creates a dynamic and immersive game environment.

Levels of infamy


In the world of Gold Fever, every action has a consequence. Any offense committed by a character triggers an instantaneous punishment known as "Menace". Menace as a status is visible to all witnesses in the vicinity. During this short time, the offending character can be killed by anyone without penalty. This state is not factored into the infamy of a character, which is a separate punishment system for those who misbehave.

So you better think twice before committing an offense as the consequences might be severe and immediate.

Wanted Level 1

In our world, characters must beware of committing any low level offenses such as killing friendly companions or stealing from allies. Once the deed is done, a character can be reported to the sheriff, and a bounty can be placed on their head, valid only in the local zone. If caught and killed by a character that accepted the bounty, the wanted person will wake up in a prison to serve the rest of the sentence. Alternatively a character could attempt to evade the authorities for a month, the sheriff has too much work to worry about the runners.

Wanted Level 2

Moderate offenses such as wounding allies can result in a character being reported to the sheriff where the offender gets their picture added on the wanted board for that local area. If killed by bounty hunters, the offender will wake up in prison to finally do the time for the crime. The sheriff and deputies have an active role in the manhunt utilizing tranquilizers to take down the offender.

When harming townsfolk, they remember and will ignore offenders for a day or until justice is served by law. The option to evade the law for a month is possible.

Wanted Level 3

Offenders can become wanted in a whole zone if they repeatedly perpetuate moderate offenses, or by performing severe offenses such as killing allies. Characters who reach this level can be reported to the sheriff who will update the wanted board to be effective for the whole area.

The sentence is extended to a week and townsfolk and sheriffs will be aggressive towards such infamous offenders. Offenders like always can stay away from the law until their crimes are forgotten in a month.

Wanted Level 4

Repeating severe offenses while on the wanted list will lead to the dreaded Damnation Island! The offender will be reported to the sheriff and have a global bounty posted, making them a target for other players seeking glory and rewards. If killed, damnation island awaits.

The character can be imprisoned for up to three weeks on the infamous island, townsfolk refuse to provide any services or goods and the sheriff and guards will stop at nothing to subdue the criminal. This wanted level is counted globally and will be automatically activated if a townsfolk is killed.

The only way to shake off this punishment is to serve the three week sentence or evade the law for a month.

Will you be a bounty hunter or an infamous criminal in Gold Fever?

Tribal Feral System

Tribals have their own sense of justice, none should be imprisoned but kind is repaid in kind. If a tribal goes feral and attacks their own they will be met with the same fate.

Since the days of old there have been simple rules in the villages, killing once will be paid in kind with no repercussions to the justice seeker.

Going fully feral and killing multiple allies will result in a vigil in the village that will last a day, even healers refuse to let the feral in and treat their wounds until the vigil is over.

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