Gold Fever

Playing The Game

After choosing a faction and selecting a character class, you will be free to explore and engage in the world of Gold Fever. The game hosts an open-world map where players are allowed to free-roam and sandbox to their desire. Facing dangerous situations and overcoming different challenges while exploring the exotic areas in Gold Fever is exciting. Additionally, the game offers ways to gain some value from the time spent.

Lone Hero

This playstyle is If you are new to Gold Fever and want to check it out for yourself. This involves attempting as many of the other playstyles as possible, and find what suits you best. For any suggestions on how to perform certain actions and where to find certain quests can be solved via posting questions in the community chat. You would also purchase rights and NFT’s recommended by the community. If you are stuck and can't really progress, look for a newcomer friendly guild that is happy to help.

Guild Member Gameplay Style

This playstyle is If you are familiar with the mechanics of Gold Fever and want to check it out for yourself. A smart idea would be to immediately join a guild and work with other players to achive goals faster. You would only purchase rights and NFT’s expected by the guild since the guild dictates what it needs at that moment. Generally do any actions that helps the guild progress and prosper. Entering Mining claims as a group increases your chances of survival and the profit from it would be split amoung players and the guild.

Guild Owner

If you are looking to cut at the heart of the game, you would purchase governor package or a profitable looking building as an experiment to test profitability and viability of the game. If the experiment seems viable will continue purchasing and expanding untill its proven otherwise. You would optimize the setting on any building and either look up settings on the internet or let someone else manage the day to day maintenance. Also a smart player would only purchase expensive and rare rights or NFT’s, keep them until they are all sold out and then sell them at a premium.