Gold Fever



Guilds are the highest form of social structure available in Gold Fever, with the goal of pooling efforts and resources to overcome in-game obstacles tailored for large gatherings of players.


Over time guild members will naturally lean towards some playstyles. Some players that play for fun, will rarely if ever engage in the economic aspect of Gold Fever. Some players whose goal is to get the most out of Gold Fever and want to be surrounded with like-minded, highly motivated players will use every tool and maximize every avenue of in-game income.
However, this is not set in stone and there is by no means an actual limit to how players can approach the gameplay. Players will have to decide for themselves and can always change direction or pick a fluid style somewhere in between certain archetypes. The game will support different guilds and their playstyles through a vast selection of rights and guild buildings.


One character can be a part of one Guild at a time. There are two ways to become a member of a guild:
  • through an invitation
  • through an application
Upon receiving an invitation to join a guild, if the player accepts, they become a member.
However, if a player applies to join they must pass a process of approval before being accepted to join, which is manually done by either the owner or some other member with the authority to do so.
Guilds may include an upfront cost for the application (application fee).

Guild Upgrades

Guilds can get upgraded into more powerful entities by utilizing the rights section to acquire new features. A strong example of this is the guild vault, which enables members to share and rent items between each other or pool funds together for an NFT of their choosing, whether it be in-game or on the website.
Members with specific roles will be able to maintain and control the shared assets and distribute them to other members in need.

Leaving a Guild

Members may be kicked by the owner or the players with the appropriate permissions. Otherwise, a player may leave the guild at any one point, at will.
To encourage guild loyalty and block any game abuse that comes with leaving a guild, the character leaving cannot join a guild for the next 72 (real-time) hours.
Anything borrowed from the guild returns to the owner after its rent time expires, and anything donated to the guild stays in its ownership.

Guild Buildings

Some of the perks of forming a guild are the specialized buildings that it unlocks. These buildings can only be built outside of the adventurer base.
To learn more about Guild Buildings click Land and Custom Buildings.