Gold Fever

Mining Claims NFTs

Hire a team of brave adventurers to enter the mining claim arena and extract gold for a prearranged price. Highly sought after with its promise of wealth, Mining Claim NFTs are at the core of the experience. If you wish to learn more about Mining Claims as a whole, please visit our Mining Claims and Gold Distribution page.

Free Mining Claims

These mining claims can be found throughout the world of Gold Fever. Free mining claims can be accessed easily without many requirements, but are considered "low-risk, low reward" zones; where players can participate and extract gold without many reputation or resource requirements.
The license for paid mining claims can be bought and used for a limited time. These are considered "medium risk, medium reward" zones where some profit can be found at considerable risk. Players can apply to participate in the Mining Claim, mine gold, and share the profit with the license owner.

Premium Mining Claims

The cream of the crop, the most prestigious of mining claims. These mining claims are highly sought after since they are rich in gold deposits. This raises the stakes for both owner and participants, and thus drives the price sky-high. These mining claims are very expensive but also allow their owner to tweak and set all the gold distribution and reward for successfully finishing