Gold Fever

Land Transport

Finally, for players that need to cover just a shorter distance, or one inaccessible via air or water. Gold Fever features land-based transportation in the form of horses and donkeys. These animal companions are the bread and butter for any short distance travel. If you are planning to do a lot of solo, short distance exploration you might want to consider getting one of your own, or perhaps renting one from the local stables. They are well-suited to help you traverse the terrain or carry the goods.
If you are interested in investing in this mode of companion transportation, Gold Fever has a lot of different horse and donkey breeds available for purchase as NFTs. Just make sure to feed them!


Horses are a crucial companion for anyone brave enough to traverse the wild lands of Gold Fever. They can be mounted by a single person and they can be equipped with items that increase their value on the field. As far as transportation, horses are an affordable transport for players. Like in real life, will need to be taken care of and fed properly. The very last thing you want is for your horse to run out of stamina while you are escaping from danger. Horses are a natural part of the world and can be rented in the stables in-game or can be bought from the website as NFTs.
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The humble donkeys are the most affordable land transport for goods in Gold Fever. They can be equipped with additional items that help with riding or carrying heavy cargos. They are purchasable on the website as NFTs or can be rented in the donkey stables. Donkeys will need to be cleaned and fed in donkey stables. They are a great way to carry you or your cargo safely to your destination.