Gold Fever

Mining Claims and Gold Distribution


The main objective of Gold Fever, whether you are playing as an Adventurer or a Tribal is obtaining gold. Mining claims are the only place where players can extract and re-capture the shiny nuggets. Regardless of how it is obtained, the gold is later traded for NGL tokens.
Each governed area will have a few mining claims inside it. They will symbolize a location where the Arena PvP mode is played. Each Mining Claim has its own limited amount of minable gold. Once it's gone, it is gone for good.
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Arenas are PvP events that pit Adventurers against Tribals and take place in an instanced version of a mining claim. The main goal for the adventurers is to extract the gold from the rivers in the claim, while the Tribals try to stop the mining process or kill adventurers who have already extracted some gold, to then return it to the river.
The non-instanced version of the area is still accessible by players, the only difference is that they are unable to collect gold in it. Regardless, the players are prompted if they want to join a mining claim as soon as they cross the border of the area.


There are two types of mining claims
  • Integrated within the game - These mining claims are not owned by players. The arena events are hosted automatically and are queue based, meaning players need to queue up to join.
  • Purchasable - Mining claims, whose licenses can be bought by players. These licenses represent NFTs that can be bought or traded. The license has a time period for its validity. Owners of a mining claim license can host arenas where Adventurer and Tribal teams confront themselves in duels. Both the owner and the Adventurer players that participated get a share from the extracted gold, based on terms they agreed on before the start of the arena.

Benefits of Purchasing a License

Players can purchase a license for a mining claim from the website. With the purchase of a license they get a few benefits:
  • Ownership over the Mining Claim - For a limited period of time they control the mining claim fully. If they choose so they can trade or sell the license.
    • Rights over the gold in the mining claim - All of the gold available in the mining claim is theirs for the taking, as long as they find competent players to extract it for them.
    • Ability to host arenas - Owners can host PvP Arenas for other Adventurers to extract the gold inside the claim. They host an event with information on how much of the gold extracted is reserved for the owner and how much percentage the Adventurer players can get. Players can then sign up for the event, after which the owner chooses which players will be the ones that partake in the event. When the event is finished, and the gold has been safely distributed, the amount is split among the owner and the Adventurers in as per the agreed deal.

Gold Distribution Between Players

The distribution of loot is a large topic in any multiplayer game but will be particularly relevant in Gold Fever.
Firstly, a portion of any recovered gold goes directly to the mining claim's owner as specified in the licensing agreement upon purchase. This happens once a player leaves the mining claim with any amount of gold and manages to reach a Bank and starts the exchange.
Further distribution depends on any deals struck during the formation of a group+, which occurs only after the gold is already deposited in a bank.
However, nobody is prevented from sharing gold freely in Gold Fever, so if a player wants to they can simply throw a nugget to a fellow struggling player or even exchange it for goods by utilizing the trading feature!
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