Gold Fever


Game World

Playable areas & Geography

Q: Where does Gold Fever take place? A: The game is set on a tropical Island in the middle of a vast ocean and the year is sometime around 1930. Gold Fever tries to depict a realistic world with adequate world politics and climate. The biggest percentage of the landmass is covered by dense and dangerous jungles accompanied by rocky mountains, long and wide rivers, and the huge ocean surrounding the islands.
Q: How will the playable area be constructed within the game? A: Gold Fever has a huge landmass divided into many smaller areas. Each one will be controlled by a governor and they are similar to each other in regards to game elements present. The zones will be populated with: Adventurer Bases, Tribal Villages, Flora and Fauna, Mining Claims from which players will extract gold, and Contested zones where PvP is automatically enabled.
Q: What kind of elements will be present within the game world of Gold Fever? A: The tropical climate and the Rain Forests offer a wide variety of plants that players are able to take advantage of for various medicinal and crafting purposes. In regards to the animals present, they are segmented into 3 categories all of which can be hunted, skinned, and scrapped for various crafting materials be it for food or equipment.
You can read more about Gold Fever's world and story in the related sections of our gitbook!


Q: Which factions does Gold Fever feature? A: Gold Fever is planned to feature two playable Factions: Adventurers and Tribals, both of which currently have three unique, playable Classes to choose from.
Q: Who are the Adventurers? A: Adventurers are venture seekers with a strong desire to get rich or die trying. They will start off having three classes to pick from: Hunter, Medic and Prospector. Q: Who are the Tribals? A: The Tribals are the natives of the Island whose sole purpose is protecting their lands (and gold) from the treasure-hungry Adventurers. They too start out with three classes to pick from: Forager, Sorcerer and Warrior
In-depth description of the factions can be found in this section of gitbook


Q: What is the main goal of Gold Fever? A: Whilst there are many things one can do in Gold Fever that can be considered “Main Goals” like exploring, harvesting, hunting, or just generally running around, the main goal of Gold Fever is obtaining gold. This gold can then be traded and/or invested which will yield real-world profits. Each player will be given a plethora of options to participate in the Free Economy, all of which are created to provide players with ways to profit depending on the effort, dedication, and of course a bit of luck.
Q: How do players obtain gold? A: The main source of gold in Gold Fever are Mining Claims. Gold extracted from Mining Claims can be transferred into NGL tokens.

Mining Claims

Q: What are Mining Claims? A: Mining Claims are instanced PvP zones in which both factions fight for the gold inside them. Each Mining Claim has a predetermined minable amount of gold depending on the type of the Mining Claim.
Q: What goals does each faction have within the Mining Claims? A: The Adventurer players will fight to extract as much gold as possible before the event is over, the Tribal players try to prevent the Adventurers from extracting gold and return the gold to the place where it was gathered from. Q: What types of Mining Claims are there? A: There are two types of Mining Claims within Gold Fever: Integrated within the game and purchasable by players for a limited time.
  • Free - These PvP Arena events are queue-based and free to enter, however they offer the least amount of gold density.
  • Premium - Purchasable by players as an entry pass, these mining claims offer bigger gold density. The queue is composed of license owners.
  • Purchasable mining claims. Players own the mining claim for a limited amount of time. By doing so they control the entry fee and percentage of the extracted gold they keep for themselves.
Q: How much gold does each Mining Claim contain? A: Each Mining Claim contains a limited amount of gold that is defined by, terrain surface, amount of people allowed to enter the arena, quality of the gold itself, location, demand as well as supply. Once the gold is gone - it’s gone forever!
Q: Is there any ruleset for the instanced PvP Arenas? A: There are certain rule sets and requirements for different types of Arenas:
  • Each arena informs players on how much gold is available for extraction before the player queues for it.
  • Each arena has a certain reputation threshold that a player must meet if he wants to queue for a game.
  • Each arena has a predetermined duration in which players are encouraged to extract as much gold as possible before the timer runs out.
More on mining claims here!​

Benefits of purchasing a mining claim license

Q: What are the benefits of owning a mining license? A: Whenever a player purchases a mining license, they essentially own it for a period of time and as such have the rights to all the gold that is contained within that Mining Claim.
Q: What happens when license owners host PvP Arena events? A: Mining claim license owners have the option to set requirements for entry into the Arena itself. After the conclusion of such an event, the gold is split between the owner and the adventurers that took part in the event, in a ratio that is predetermined before the event starts.


Q: What does the combat system in Gold Fever look like? A: Gold Fever features a complex combat system that includes various types of weapons. Choosing what type of weapon you use could be the difference between life and death! If you'd like to read about it in more details, you can find more information here.


Q: Is there a skill-based system for gathering in Gold Fever? A: Yes, every action within the game (Skinning, Mining. Fishing, etc.) generates skill points that make the player more skillful to perform said action.
Q: Can players commit to solely performing gathering tasks in Gold Fever? A: Yes players are able to entirely focus on the gathering part of the game, however, Gold Fever has a fatigue system in place to prevent repetitive actions within the game. This is done to encourage players to explore the full potential of the game.
Q: How does gathering work in Gold Fever? A: Players have the ability to harvest various types of organic and non-organic materials from the entire game world. These are required ingredients for various crafting, cooking, and most importantly gathering NGL within the Mining Claims.
Q: How do players obtain organic and non-organic materials? A: Organic materials in Gold Fever are obtained by skinning animals, salvaging meat and bones from animals, catching fish, woodcutting, and picking herbs. Non-organic materials are obtained by mining for ore, and panning for gold.
We have a huge section with detailed information on Hunting and Gathering if you'd like to read about it in more detail!


Q: How do players navigate the game world of Gold Fever? A: In addition to getting around on foot, players in Gold Fever have various vehicles at their disposal, as well as horses and donkeys. These vary in the number of passenger seats they offer, speed, accessibility and the amount of cargo they carry with them at any given time.
Q: What does it take to use NFT transport? A: You as the player have two options when it comes to NFT transport, one of them is to rent and another is to purchase it permanently. These NFTs (aside from personal use) can then be rented or leased to other players as a form of passive income.
Q: Is there a game-controlled transportation system in place? A: Yes, the game also offers ferry boats and passenger airplanes for a larger number of people that have a predetermined schedule and routes depending on the demand from the player base. These services will sell tickets in their respective buildings, prices of which are set by the Building Owner.
Q: Where can you find this type of transport? A: Each vehicle type and transportation companion can be found at their respective building. Horses can be found at the stables, boats can be found at the docks, and airplanes can be found at the airfield.
Q: What is the difference between Horses and Donkeys? A: In Gold Fever, donkeys and horses essentially serve similar purposes, they are both capable of doing the same tasks of transporting players and/or Items. The differentiation comes in their speed and weight capacity. Donkeys are slower and less capable of carrying heavy loads than horses, however, their advantage is their cost. Donkeys are significantly cheaper to buy and/or rent which in turn helps the player in their early game.
Q: What kind of Boats does the game feature? A: The game offers several types of boats that differ from each other depending on the player's needs in any given situation. However, we can differentiate them by their operators and those are:
  • One-seater paddle boat
  • Two-seater paddle boat
  • Canoe with two cargo pods
  • Ferry Boats
Q: What kind of Airplanes does the game feature? A: Similarly to boats, Gold Fever features several types of Airplanes that will function on the same principle of differentiation by operators:
  • Operated by NPCs and/or Players (Basic Two-Seater, Hydro-plane Two Seater)
  • Operated by Players (Single seater plane)
  • Operated by NPCs (Zephyr plane)
Q: What happens to a vehicle if it's left unattended? A: Whenever vehicles or transportation companions are left unattended in the game world for a prolonged period of time, they will despawn along with all the items that are stored on them, and can be respawned at their respective building (Horses at stables, Airplanes at Airfield, etc.). All NFT items that the player had on the vehicle or transportation companion when it despawned can also be picked up at their respective buildings.
Q: What happens with the vehicles when they are not being used by the player? A: When the vehicles are not being used, they have to be parked in their respective buildings (Horses in stables, Airplanes in Airfields, etc.). These parking slots will be available for purchase or renting. Owning a parking slot serves two purposes, the place where your vehicle or transportation companion will respawn, and a way for the player to safely store their vehicles in order for them to not despawn. In case a parking spot wasn't rented, then a spawn penalty time will take effect the next time the items are spawned into the world.
Q: What happens if I rent a vehicle and it despawns? A: If your rented vehicle or transportation companion dies or despawns due to inaction, you will be able to restore it at their respective building. Regardless, your renting period continues to expire while that respawn occurs so be careful!
Transportation is a big part of Gold Fever! If you're curious how, you can learn more about it in this section of our gitbook!


Character Sheet

Q: What basic attributes do player characters have? A: Every player character in Gold Fever has a set of attributes that can be enhanced by skills and talent points, the basic attributes shown in the sheet are the following: Health, Stamina, Rest, Hunger, Morale, Weight Cap, Currency, Movement Speed.
If you're searching for detailed information about the character you can check out Character Stats or Talents and Skills.


Q: Does Gold Fever have a Skill and Talent system? A: Yes, Gold Fever has a very intricate skill and talent (Milestones in Gold Fever) system that allows for players to customize their character to better suit their playstyle.
Q: What are milestones? A: Milestones are bonuses that players earn by leveling a certain skill, players will be able to choose a different bonus to make their character more specialized.
Q: How do Milestones work? A: All of the skills within the game are raised by repeating a task, continued use of weapons, and continued crafting or gathering of materials will grant skill points. When players choose a milestone bonus they’re granted a quest that they must complete before advancing further.
Q: What happens if I made a mistake in choosing my Milestones? A: We recognize that mistakes happen, there is a service within the game that will allow you to unlearn all your skills and milestones and select new ones instead. You will, however, have to advance through the system from scratch.
Q: Will all factions/classes have access to the same skills? A: Most skills will be available to both Adventurers and Tribals alike, some limitations exist to keep the realism in check, such as Tribals not having any of the skills required to find and extract gold from the game world.



Q: What kind of Weapons can characters equip? A: Both factions will have access to both Melee and Ranged weapons, the Adventurers will naturally have more modern weaponry including Pistols, Shotguns, and SMGs whilst the Tribals will be limited to primitive weaponry such as Blow Darts, Javelins, and Bows.


Q: What is a consumable? A: Consumables are a type of item or resource that is spent when used. There are several different types of consumables including one-time-use consumables or multiple-use consumables with refillable and non-refillable charges.
Q: What kind of consumables are there in Gold Fever? A: There are several different types of consumables including one-time-use consumables or multiple-use consumables with refillable and non-refillable charges. Some might restore your health and others are just bullets.


Q: What kind of tools will we see in Gold Fever? A: Gold Fever features all kinds of items that are used for obtaining raw materials or crafting other items. From a pointy pickaxe, to a sharp knife and the reliable shovel players will find themselves using all sorts of tools.
Q: What is Perfect Strike? A: Perfect Strike is an action players can incorporate into their playstyle by correctly timing the swing whenever using harvesting tools or just tools in general. When performed correctly, it yields better outcomes!


Q: Will there be any clothing options for players? A: Yes, Gold Fever has many customizable clothing options in the form of NFT sets that will allow players to style their characters.


There are a lot of buildings with different functionalities in Gold Fever! You can read more about them here.
Q: What purpose do buildings have in Gold Fever? A: Buildings in Gold Fever are the driving force of the entire game’s economy, they serve to provide players with various goods, items, and utilities whilst at the same time providing income for the investors.
Q: What buildings are there in Gold Fever? A: There are many different buildings that are available for in game.
  • Governor-owned buildings: Distillery, Hospital, Bank, Watermill, Mine, and Governor’s Mansion
  • Investor-owned buildings: Docks, Airfield, Hotel, Carpentry, Blacksmith, Tailoring Workshop, Instrument Workshop, Horse Stables, Donkey Stables, Kennels, Weapons Workshop, Butcher Shop, Tools Workshop, Survival Market, Bungalows, Bar, Farmers Market,
  • Guild-owned: Guild Base
Q: How many of these buildings can be constructed in an area? A: Each area will have multiple Adventure bases, and each Adventurer base will have a limited capacity on where these buildings can be constructed, it is important to note that most of the investor's buildings will require a Governor's presence in the area to be constructed.
Q: Where can you purchase these buildings? A: Most of the buildings can be bought on the website.
Q: Are there any upgrades available for the buildings? A: Yes! A lot of buildings can be upgraded to increase their performance and or capacity.

Tribal Buildings

Q: Do the Tribal faction have any buildings? A: Yes, the Tribals will have a very small selection of buildings, those are the Communal building and Elder’s hut. This are however not for purchase.

Guilds and Communities

Q: Does Gold Fever have any social constructs within the game? A: Yes Gold Fever like many other MMOs features Guilds where people can unite against the daily challenges provided by the game.
Q: How do I create a guild? A: Creating a guild will be done via the website by purchasing the rights to do so, furthermore it requires a monthly burning of NGL to keep the guild afloat.
Q: How do I join a guild? A: Players have two options to join already created Guilds, by applying or by being invited by one of the managerial roles within the guild. Be mindful when you join a Guild, you as the player can only be in one guild at a time.
Q: How do players leave a guild? A: Players may choose to leave their current Guild at any point, additionally players may be removed by guild members with Managerial roles if they deem it necessary.
Q: Do players face any penalties whenever they leave or get kicked from a guild? A: No, players don’t face any penalties, however as a way to encourage loyalty to your guild, we have made a 72 Hour (Real-Time) timer before you can join a different guild.
Q: Why should I join a guild? A: Apart from the social aspect of being a part of a community, Guilds will work together towards a common goal, be it a guild expedition to salvage, hunt, engage in PvP combat, or other activities. Furthermore, guilds can opt-in to stake together in venture capital, be it owning buildings or various transportation methods that generate passive income.
Q: Will Guilds have their own base camps? A: Yes, guilds will have the option to own a guild base.

Group and Group +

Q: Are you able to group up with other people in Gold Fever? A: Yes Gold Fever has group systems in place meant for tasks that are not suited for a single player. Players can choose to create a regular Group or Group + which is a feature specific to Gold Fever.
Q: How do I create a group? A: Any player in the game can create a group, the only limitation is that every player has to be in the same faction to be invited.



Q: Do I need to buy the game or have an active subscription to play? A: The game is entirely made Free-to-Play to access with an addition of Play-To-Earn model.
Q: How does the Play-To-Earn model work in Gold Fever? A: Players will have the chance to earn money by investing resources, time or money, the higher the investment in each of those, the bigger the return.
Q: How do players earn money in Gold Fever? A: Players are able to earn money by various means within Gold Fever, including, participating in or owning Mining Claims, selling services from a building owned by the player, leasing or renting NFT items, obtaining and selling resources, transporting other players or their goods, being a mercenary for hire for various tasks.


Q: How many currencies are there in Gold Fever? A: There are four currencies in Gold Fever, those are Juls, NGL, JBR, and NFTs, each of these will have its own function.
Q: What are Juls? A: Jul is not a cryptocurrency, rather it's a virtual internal unit of the game, like the currency earned in most MMO games. This will be the default payment method within the game. Players are able to buy Jul’s in their local currency (USD, Euro, etc), using bank cards, PayPal, or other traditional payment systems. Additionally, players can purchase Jul’s with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).
Q: What is NGL? A: NGL (Native Gold) is a fungible ERC20 token that represents the gold that can be found in the game. Players bring NGL into the ecosystem when they engage in Mining Claims where both Adventurers and Tribals fight amongst each other for supremacy.
Q: What is JBR? A: JBR is an ERC20 governance token that is given periodically to Gold Fever players based on an algorithm that takes into account your involvement in the game, as well as good sportsmanship. This currency will be used by players to propose new ideas and vote on ideas for new features within the game.
Q: What do NFTs represent in Gold Fever? A: Each NFT (ERC1155) in Gold Fever is uniquely identifiable representing items in the game ranging from tools, weapons, vehicles and buildings. These tokens (and the items they represent) can be borrowed, traded in-game, or potentially sold on external platforms, as such, the value of an NFT can be different depending on the owner’s participation in various activities in-game that might give value to said NFT.


Q: Does Gold Fever have a website? A: Yes! Our official website is​

Game download, system requirements

Q: Where can I download Gold Fever? A: You can download the game through our website​
Q: What are the system requirements for Gold Fever? A: You can find the requirements in this tab.
Q: How do I create a wallet for Gold Fever? A: Creating a wallet for Gold Fever is extremely simple, all you have to do is register at and a wallet is created automatically.

Social Media and Contact

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Q: Does gold Fever have a Twitter account? A: Yes, you can find the Gold Fever Twitter here.


Q: Does Gold Fever have a Discord community? A: Yes, you can access the Gold Fever Discord here.


Q: Does Gold Fever have a Telegram group? A: Yes, you can access the Telegram group here.


Q: Is there anywhere I can find blog-like articles about the game? A: Yes! You can find the on our Medium.

Live Support

Q: Where can I contact support if I run into issues? A: You are able to contact support on the website for any issue you might have with the game or website. Additionally, you can visit our Discord server or Telegram group where our community managers will do their best to lend a helping hand!
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