Gold Fever

Air Transport

The fastest and most comfortable form of transportation is airfare. Gold Fever features multiple types of airplanes for the players to choose from. Be it a single seater so you can soar the skies alone, the double seater where you can give your friend a ride or have extra room for cargo, once you get used to flying only the sky will be the limit!
However owning a plane is an expensive venture so if you can’t afford it, we have you covered! You can purchase a ticket for a preexisting flight plan, and fly on a commercial flight as a passenger for a fraction of the cost.
Gold Fever offers different models which vary in size, cargo and fuel capacity. These are sold as NFTs, and can be yours to fly, trade or rent to other players!


Arguably the fastest mode of transportation in Gold Fever, bar none. There is no shorter route than a bird's flight, and airplanes are the exclusive way to travel any such route. Ranging from single-seat single motor planes to large transport planes able to carry multitudes of cargo and passengers, airplanes are the exclusive way to travel. This is balanced by the fact that airplanes need to land on landing strips, need to be refueled, and maintained properly. Airplanes vary in size, color, and carrying capacity which makes them a prestigious NFT item that can be either rented or bought.