Gold Fever

Guide & FAQ

Non-fungible Tokens / NFT's

In Gold Fever each NFT is uniquely identifiable, representing buildings, equipment, companions, and other rare items in the game. These tokens (and the items they represent) can be borrowed, traded, or potentially even sold on external platforms. This means that each non-fungible token’s value can be different from any other NFT.
For example, if we have a token representing a weapon, it has a specific utility in the game, which gives it value, but it may also accrue value through its history. For instance, if the weapon played a pivotal role in a particular legendary battle, it might become a sought-after item in the community.
Note that some playable characters are also represented by NFTs, meaning that as players progress through the game, the role they play and the skills they acquire affect the value of the NFT portraying their character. Since all NFTs can be traded, this implies that a market for player characters themselves may develop.


In Gold Fever, NFTs have broader uses other than just being fancy novelties. Players will often refrain from using their own NFTs to profit by renting them out or to help friendly players. On top of that, NFTs have the option to be upgraded, and some upgrades provide even more functionality. Players can use the ERC1155 tokens in many ways. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Selling
  • Leasing / Renting
  • Collateral
  • Gameplay

Managing Your NFTs

NFT owners have two options to manage their NFTs via the website or in-game, and both have some of the following:
  • Allocating
  • Leasing / Renting
  • Collateral
  • Selling / Trading
  • Upgrading

Managing via the Website

The website is more remotely accessible of the two options when it comes to managing your NFTs.
To learn how to manage NFTs on the website click Website Manual.

Managing In-game


You can read more about this specific type of token here.
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