Gold Fever

Boats NFTs


Some of the boats found or bought in Gold Fever as NFTs. These are important to the in-game traversal and the immersion of the world itself. Rivers are spread around all throughout the islands and crossing or traveling along them is a long and arduous task. Boats are the solution to all water-based traversal issues, and that makes them very sought after as means of transportation. As NFTs, boats can be bought, traded, and even rented among players.
If you wish to learn more about water transportation, please visit our Water Transport page.


Canoes are the humble "work-horses" in the world of water transport in Gold Fever. A single canoe can transport one player across most of the rivers on the Island. Whether they are rented or bought, canoes can be found everywhere in the Gold Fever. Requiring manual steering and rowing, it is not the fastest way to get around the Island, but it is reliable and its true value to players can be found in its upgrades.
Canoes can be upgraded with one or two cargo pods, which will increase the carry limit. Doesn't matter if it's heavy cargo like tree logs or fellow player passengers, the canoe is a reliable and affordable means of aquatic transportation that Gold Fever hosts in its rich and diverse in-game world.