Gold Fever

Website Manual


The webpage has several different tabs that allow a player/owner to receive relevant information and purchase or manage their assets in an easy and comprehensive way.


Events in Gold Fever are special occurrences where players who have qualified to enter the selection pool and gain access to these special events. Events often have requirements that need to be fulfilled before a player may qualify to enter, tasks they need to perform, and of course a just reward for completing the event! Any upcoming events will be available for overview in this section, so make sure not to miss it.


On our NFTs page, the player can come and browse all of the NFTs available in the game with an overview of their aesthetics and functionality. Players further interested in purchasing these NFTs may be directed to the store where they can find out more information on how to acquire NFTs using tokens or other payments.
To learn more about NFTs in gold fever click Guide & FAQ.


On the collections page, players can browse through the finely curated and highly special NFT offers. These NFTs differ from others due to their nature as collectible items. These items will be highly sought after and sometimes offer unique perks in-game.

Creating a Guild

To create a Guild, a player needs to purchase the right to do so from the website. The right is burned from your account on a monthly basis.
First, log in to the website with your account (or create one if you don't have one) Then go to Rights page Select the Guilds tab. Select the package and duration you want to burn.
Upon guild creation, the player that burns for the right becomes the owner of the guild.
To learn more about the website purchase click Website Manual.

Acquiring Rights

To find out more about what rights are, visit Rights.
Rights are always acquired monthly. The players can obtain offers from this section on the website by staking NGL for an amount of time which will lock these tokens from circulation on the blockchain and raises their value in doing so. Staking can be done for a duration of 180 days or 360 days.
Another way to acquire them is by burning NGL which permanently destroys the tokens, raising the value of NGL in circulation.
The duration of the effect can be seen and selected above the staking offers. The prices displayed for staking or burning will automatically reflect the duration time selected.
You can see all currently burned and staked NGL by all users on the top left corner of the website.
To learn more about NGL click Currencies and Assets.


The store is a general marketplace where a player can acquire many goods. Everything from big NFTs such as buildings to mining claim licenses or Jul bonds! Purchasing is really easy by utilizing every currency here, including fiat currency for some offers.
One can easily navigate the menus to find what they are looking for and commit to a purchase.
To learn more about JUL click Currencies and Assets.


The exchange is the main hub where players can offer their own purchased NFT items for sale or lending. However, even if a player doesn’t have NFT items they can buy or borrow one here. There is a special section even for offering or receiving collateral loans from other players.
This section allows players to allocate assets in a manner that best suits them.

My Account

In this section of the website, users can check their account status, including purchased NFTs, Rights, Currency, or any started auctions. Likewise, this section includes information regarding the crypto wallet created upon account creation.

My Info

Users will find their relevant information here like username and email, as well as the option to change passwords on the account. Additionally, there is a Google Authenticator code that users can apply for 2FA (2-factor authentication).

My Rights

In this section, users can get an overview of all purchased rights, showcasing the amount of NGL burned or staked and the expiry date of the rights. Users may also configure automatic renewal with the cost of the renewal displayed. Deactivating the renewal is done through clicking on the x mark.

My Wallet

Disclaimer: The image above is from a testnet account.
In this section of “My Account,” a user can have an overview of the current wallet state.
In the top-left corner, the currency is displayed as NGL and Juls, with direct options to buy and sell. Selling Juls is impossible; however, clicking the buy button will take the user to the store section for Jul bonds.
In the top-right corner, a user can have an overview of any pending profits made by renting out NFT items into custody in-game, which can be collected here by the click of a button.
On the bottom part of the first section, a player can send NGL to a recipient by configuring the amount and the player’s username or wallet address.
When receiving payment in NGL, players can reveal their wallet address and send it to other players. Disclaimer: The wallet address should be sent at the user’s risk! Be sure to vet the recipient properly!
Players may also choose to send an NFT item to a friend. This can be done in the following section, utilizing a menu to select from owned NFTs and an input that requires the recipient’s address.
Receiving items also requires a user’s address to be sent to the sender. The following section reveals the address.
In the final part of the first section, the player can access their private key, revealing it at a click of a button.
The entire bottom section of this page will be dedicated to wallet history. The player may have an overview of previous transactions made with their account by utilizing either the NGL or Jul buttons to access the corresponding information. Here the player may see the transaction type, value, the player this was sent to/from, and the date and time of the transaction.


To learn more about our NFTs, visit Guide & FAQ.
Perhaps one of the most important parts of the “My Account” section on the website. “My NFTs” is the directory where users can have an overview and configure all of their NFTs. Displayed on the left side is a list of all owned NFTs, while on the right side is the map of Hope Island, showcasing any owned land parcels on it.

Managing Characters

To manage an in-game character, the user must choose the “manage” button found next to their NFT. This will display a window with the in-game character as an icon, the character name, and the address of the NFT of the character.
Additionally, a player can configure the following options here:
  • Items - Players will be able to assign any of their NFT items here.
  • Masks - Players may assign any NFT masks here.
  • Weapons - Players may assign any NFT weapons here.
  • Transportation - Players may assign any transportation vehicles here.
  • Cosmetics - Players may assign any cosmetic items here.
  • Guild - Players may see relevant information regarding their Guild here.
To assign any of the above-mentioned items to a character, press on an empty slot on the right side, which will open a window of any owned items to choose from. Confirm by clicking “select.”

Managing Buildings

One of the most important sections to any building owners, the “manage” button next to their building NFT, will open a menu to be able to configure many options inside.
Once the window gets opened, the player can see information regarding their building.
On the top-left side is the name of the building and the parcel that it inhabits.
On the right side, the player can configure the options selected from the left side of the screen.
On the bottom left side are the following options:
  • Items sold
    • The player may configure the daily capacity for the production of any items in their buildings. This shows how much of this item the player wishes to keep in stock daily.
    • The price of each (manually) or automatic pricing.
  • Crafting
    • Price (manually) or automatic pricing. This section denotes the price of players crafting items with their materials using the building service.
  • Services
    • Here the player can configure fees for all of the services available to that specific building.
  • Manage NPC
    • The players are able to rent new NPCs here.
  • Training
    • The players are able to configure fees for the training available in their building here.
  • Custodial/Renting
    • The players are able to configure fees for each item left in custody for renting individually.
Finally, at the bottom of the left panel, players can input wallet addresses from any friends or family they wish to be able to access and manage their building for them. Disclaimer: Vet the member who will get this access accordingly first!