Gold Fever


Playable Region

The terrain of the Island is rich with lush jungles, rugged mountains, sandy beaches, and filled with rivers in between. The playable region will be divided into multiple zones. Each one will be controlled by a governor who will be responsible for which buildings are being build and setting the prices of services.


Bases will function as respawn location for characters when they are eliminated. Because of the huge scale of the playable area and the vast distances that would need to be traveled, players are recommended to invest in some mode of transportation (of varying speed, cost and efficiency) such as boats, horses, donkeys, planes, etc. or if they cant they will have to traverse on foot which is both draining on resources and dangerous as well.
Representation of a single area in Gold Fever
Areas will be populated with:
  • Several adventurer bases
  • Several tribal villages
  • Rich and lush Flora
  • Dangerous predators and evasive prey animals
  • Gold awaiting extraction
  • A few mining claims which can be:
    • Free mining claims
    • Premium mining claims
    • Player owned mining claims
  • Contested Zones
The entire map of Gold Fever in all of its grandeur