Gold Fever

Land and Custom Buildings


Some players might be interested in renting land and participating in the development of the infrastructure. Entire zones filled with empty parcels will be available for rent through the website.
If a player has acquired a blueprint but doesn’t have land to build it on, that player can then place a request so that their structure can be built. All of that will happen through our great system that enables negotiations and settling on a fair price!
To learn more about the website click Website Manual.

Renting Land

Land acquisition is instrumental to building the new economy and expanding your influence over Hope Island in Gold Fever.
The land is primarily rented through the website, where potential owners can pay a monthly burn/stake of NGL for the pre-selected parcels. After the action is complete and the transactions are confirmed, the parcels will stay in the player’s possession for an agreed-upon period of time.

Acquiring Blueprints

Establishing your own construction starts with a humble blueprint. These blueprints represent one building that can't be constructed any other way than by obtaining its plan. If you're searching for where to acquire them, head directly to our website!
A blueprint is an NFT item that holds the instructions on how to build it as well as the right to construct one copy of it. It also lists all resources needed for the structure.
This item can then be used in the game to start the building process on a piece of freeland you are currently renting.

Examples of Buildings

These buildings can only be constructed with a help of a blueprint
  • Guild Base
  • Guild Docks
  • Guild Airfield
  • Bungalows
  • Crop Farm

Building Process

Using a blueprint to build a building requires the blueprint to be present in the player's wallet and also for it to be of a compatible type. The Adventurers are generally not allowed to build Tribal structures and vice versa.
The player also has to have access to an unoccupied parcel of land of the appropriate size. Players can occupy parcels of the free land for a monthly burn/stake of NGL.
In-game and once the blueprint is accessible from the wallet, the player may move to a certain location in the world where they wish their building to stand. Once there, they may select the blueprint to display its mesh in the world and navigate it to the desired position.
If the parcel and the building location are valid the mesh will appear green and the placement will be possible to be confirmed. If for a variety of other reasons, for example, if the placement is topographically incorrect or if the parcel is already occupied, the building cannot be placed at the desired location the mesh will appear red.
The building can be set to get built straight away if the parcel is owned by the current owner of the blueprint. However, if a parcel is rented by another person, then a request must be sent to that person with a player-suggested fee for that specific location.
Once a building is set, the NFT blueprint is attached to the land and can only be recovered to be used again by demolishing the said building. After that, the blueprint will again appear as a usable NFT item and can be reused.